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Peter Currington: Mental Health Champion on facing up to the coronavirus and his own demons

March 20, 2020

Peter Currington is a mental health champion with England Athletics, helping people to confront their problems and giving practical advice.

One reason he is so good at that is because Peter has been there. He overcame drink, drugs and a spell in prison to get his life back on track. These days he gets his endorphins from running rather than any other kind of drug.

Peter is brutally honest about his own journey and how he still has to work on his mental health.

I also spoke to him about how he recently ran a sub-three hour marathon, and the crash that followed; coaching not only his own family but Eritrean refugee Abedom Beyene, who has run the 5km parkrun in under 16 minutes; and, of course, in these strange times, coping with the coronavirus.



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